What is Sub-Meter Utility Billing?

Sub-meter utility billing is the most fair and reasonable method of recovering the cost of utilities in a multifamily property. Sub-meters are installed at individual spaces and used to collect actual utility usage on each home. This process gives residents total control over their usage and allows property owners to find leaks and other utility problems much more quickly.

Rates are based on rate sheets from the serving utility or a combination of residential rate

How does hiring a third party sub-meter utility billing company help?

Hiring a third party utility billing company helps your residents trust that the rates and reads are correct and done fairly. We have no bias toward residents or managers / owners. Our account representatives work with residents to help them understand their usage and how it affects their bill as well as where rates come from and how they are calculated. We provide utility billing services in all fifty states and specialize in the complex codes governing California.


Full Service

Are you ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with turning your statements over to someone else so all you need to do is collect rents and manage your property? If so, our Full Service Package with Meter Reading is your best choice.

Full of options to help seamlessly integrate us with your monthly process, you won't find a better package to fit your needs.

Convergent Statements

Would you like help with your statements, but don't want to turn them over completely? We can do that. With our Convergent Statements package, you need only send your meter reads and balance forwards / resident changes and we'll take care of the rest.

This package includes a 2 business day turn around so you'll have statements in your hands or in the mail quickly.

Utility Only

Need to keep costs down but still need great client service? Our economical Utility Only Statements create monthly utility bills with no flat rate charges. Send us your meter reads, resident name changes, and CARE updates and we will have utility bills in your hands in 1 business day.

What could be better?

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of billing companies out there to choose from. So why choose us?

Because we care.

In an age of software as a service and passive income, we want to connect with our clients. We want to speak with you, learn from you, teach you, and help you. We enjoy the personal contact we have with our clients every day. We love the glimpses into your lives, delight in your wins, and cheer you on when things are rough - professionally and personally. This connection helps us better serve your needs and help where it's needed. We care that our services mesh with your processes seamlessly so you can do what you do best - manage your property.

We've taken everything we've learned in over 20 years of experience in the industry and designed our services and client support with that in mind. And that not only includes, but emphasizes, resident support. We understand that if your residents aren't happy, you aren't happy


Rebekah G

5 stars. Good Job Always. I love working with Lana. She always responds quickly and accurately. I would recommend Ardent Billing to anyone who needs a 3rd party billing company.

Ellen P

I could not do my job, if it wasn't for Lana doing such an amazing job at hers. She has taught me so much about billing with grace and patience that I wish there was a button for 10 stars!!! She answers all my questions...with detail but in laymen's terms that I can understand. How she tolerates the changes that I send her, often last minute...is incredible. I am so thankful to have her support and to know that any question I have, she can answer. She fixes issues and often brings them to my attention...because she cares about my business and wanting it to run well. Thank you Lana for always being there...you are a gift and I am so thankful that you continue to keep me as a client!!!